General discussion
Black Lives Matter, 2020: In their own words

By Michael Mace and LeTisha Shaw In summer of 2020, a massive series of Black Lives Matter protests rolled across America.  Why did they happen? What messages were the protesters trying to send? There’s been an enormous amount of discussion about that, often led by advocates and analysts with polarized perspectives (link). It’s easy for […]

General empathy
Understanding kindness around the world

By Cassie Buttle Charlton | Corey Hatcher | Carl Huang | Jennifer Rambler | Natalie Russell | Sean Treiser | Lauren Turner Does kindness differ across cultures?  Kindness is the simple act of helping someone. It can be as simple as paying a compliment, or getting someone a coffee.  In honor of World Kindness Day […]

General empathy
Messages to you, from the rest of the country

If you asked a dozen regular people in the US what they want to say to the rest of the country, what do you think you’d hear? What issues would they raise? How angry would they be? Reality may surprise you. See their videos here.