Election 2020
Election 2020: Understanding the Undecided

The stereotype of undecided voters in the 2020 Presidential election is that they’re uneducated on issues and disengaged from politics. That’s not true. We asked undecided voters to speak for themselves, and found that they’re deeply independent, deeply dismayed over the toxic culture in American politics, and are approaching their voting decision in that context.

Covid Profiles
Covid stress: Everyone is suffering differently

Everyone is suffering differently from the pandemic, depending on factors like health, work situation, number of kids at home, and personality. Two people living next door in similar circumstances might have wildly different stress levels. In this article we’ll hear from people experiencing high and low hardship, and learn why they’re stressed.

General empathy
Messages to you, from the rest of the country

If you asked a dozen regular people in the US what they want to say to the rest of the country, what do you think you’d hear? What issues would they raise? How angry would they be? Reality may surprise you. See their videos here.

General discussion
Listen: We’re not as divided as we think we are

The United States is not as polarized as you think it is. The shrill voices that dominate discussions online are actually a very small percent of the population. Join us and get to know the real America, through the voices of regular people.